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Commercial Commissions

Entryway to Palace Hotel - South Africa

1 of 16 African Animal Panels - Palace Hotel - South Africa

8'x16' Mayan Mask - Atlantis, Bahamas

"Vanderbilt Cup" 5'x5' - La Jolla, CA

Givenchy Hotel Suite - Palm Springs, CA

Carving elements for the Palace Hotel - South Africa

16'x16' Mediterranean Wall Hanging - Palm Springs, CA

8'x9' Lion - MGM Park

9/11 Firemens Memorial 6'x12' - Palm Springs,CA

Givenchy Hotel Entry - Palm Springs, CA

340' Cast Concrete Mural - Lindero Canyon Overpass - Westlake Village, CA

Interior ceiling crown molding and medallions - Palace Hotel, South Africa

Interior ceiling medallions and columns - Palace Hotel, South Africa

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